We The People Holsters Review

We The People Holsters Review

We The People holsters are one of our favorite holsters that we use for carrying our firearms. They are made from Kydex and are one of the most comfortable holsters to wear. The clip on the holster can be adjusted to the way you want to carry your firearm.

In this review we will discuss the different types and options We The People Holsters offer. We will also get into details about what makes these holsters one of the most popular on the market.

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About We The People Holsters

We The People headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and owned by David Strager. Their holsters are proudly made in America and have a strong commitment to the second amendement. Bringing high quality and exceptionally crafted holsters to their customers is at the forefront of their business.

Their product line is recognized all over the word for its durability, practicality, and functionality. These holsters are used by many professionals throughout the law enforcement industry and branches of the armed forces. They are dedicated to exceptional customer service by providing a 30-day, no questions asked return policy.

We The People Printed Kydex Review

About We The People Holsters

When we received the We The People Printed Kydex holsters we were impressed with how lightweight they felt and the durability they provide. They are made with 0.08 in. Kydex material that adds minimal weight to your carry gun and they are custom-molded to be carried on IWB or OWB. The distinct print patterns such as the American flag, Constitution, and Thin Blue Line are a great addition to personalize your holster.

The wide belt on the IWB holster makes it easier to draw your firearm without ripping the whole holster. The OWB holster contains a large insert paddle and the hooks have a strong grip onto your pants. Because the Kydex material is thin, it adds to the comfort of the holster. Since Kydex is so strong it should not break easily even with continued use.

Pros And Cons

In our opinion We The People Printed Kydex holsters are top notch. We will list some pros and cons below. You will notice that the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


  • Made In The USA
  • High Quality Build
  • Budget Friendly
  • Many Great Designs
  • Save 15% with Code CCS15


  • Claw Attachment Sold Separately
  • Logo Prominent On Clip

Build And Style

The build and style of a holster is very important to any gun carrier. You want to have a holster that is going to be reliable and stand up to everyday use.


The build of this holster is strong and meets the standards of gun carriers. There is a wide clip attached to the holster that fits nicely onto your pants or belt. This clip has a strong support for the holster and helps distribute the weight of the gun to make it feel more lightweight for the carrier. The holster can also be adjusted with 2 easy to loosen screws into 12 different positions to allow the carrier to choose how they want to carry. The gun locks in place nicely and doesn’t jiggle around or come loose easy at all.

The Kydex material the holster is made of is strong and doesn’t get damaged easily. The gun locks in place nicely and doesn’t jiggle around or come loose easy at all. Overall, we are happy with the build of these holsters.


The nice thing about the Printed Kydex We The People holster is all the different styles that are availble. You can choose the basic black holster or choose from many different colors or prints. Some of the prints to choose from are American themed, 2nd Amendment themes, or camoflauge. There are also many colors to choose from such as orange, light blue, and gray.

Concealed Carry

No matter the holster you choose from We The People holsters, you will find that it makes concealed carry easy and comfortable. While there are certainly some holsters that are a little more comfortable, they tend to lose out on function to accommodate that comfort.

The Kydex IWB holsters that they offer are one of my go to holsters for the 4:00 carry position. While I also like Tulster holsters, We The People do come in a little more affordable.


The price for the Kydex We The People holster is about average for kydex type holsters. It is not the least expensive and certainly not the most expensive. The price ranges between $50 and $70 before you use our discount code. This holster is well worth the money it is selling for giving you the quality and durability you deserve.

Types Of We The People Holsters Available

Types Of We The People Holsters Available

We The People offers many types of holsters for many carry types that include IWB, OWB, Kydex, and leather. If you are looking for a printed holster, they also offer holsters with unique designs. These holsters are highly designed while offering a reasonable price to customers.


We The People’s IWB holsters are made in the USA by expert craftsmen. These holsters are made to match your exact gun model. They are designed to provide the lowest profile possible for concealed carry.

These holsters also feature variable retention which can be adjusted for your comfort. The Kydex material will give you maximum flexibility and freedom of constraint. You can choose from a variety of patterns to suit your needs.

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We The People Holsters
  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable Ride and Cant
  • Many Designs
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The OWB holsters are made from a durable form-fitting Kydex material that also makes OWB carry comfortable. These holsters are made to last and can be worn daily with little wear and tear. The holster designs cover the most popular gun manufacturers.

These open carry holsters can be set to 12 different carry positions The holsters can be adjusted to whether you prefer a low ride, heavy cant, or vertical fit. These come with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The Freedom holster can be worn as IWB or OWB and is fully ambidextrous, making it easy for both right and left handed people. This holster also has tuckable clips that allow you to tuck in your shirt. They naturally push the grip of the gun toward your body, therefore you won’t show the rest of the world that you are carrying.

On the holster there is a magazine carrier that can be flexibly attached to the main holster unit and adjusted for comfort and usability. The mag carrier can be adjusted up or down to aid in comfort and make it easier to draw a spare magazine.

This holster is hand-made in the USA and features a lifetime warranty.


We The People leather holsters are one of the holsters on the market. They are hand-crafted in the USA at their facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are also made from the finest full-grain leather. The double-layered shell with a grain-side inner lining will protect your handgun from any damage.

Some other features of these holsters are:

  • A double layered wall offering great durability and retention.
  • An adjustable ride and cant that provides maximum flexibility when carrying.
  • Made with reinforced stitching that does come apart even if some threads are broken.

All of their leather holsters are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Independence IWB Leather Holster
  • Hand-crafted in the USA for a perfect fit
  • 4 Layers of premium leather for maximum durability
  • Inner layer offers protection against wear on your firearm
  • Tuckable clips
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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Independence OWB Leather Holster
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Made from premium full grain leather
  • Perfect fit for strong retention
  • Each leather holster is custom-tailored to your specific handgun for perfect fit and strong retention
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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Belly Band

Sometimes you need a holster where your outfit doesn’t allow for a belt. One great option in these cases is a belly band holster.

These are great for when you are active and still want to carry. They work great with sweatpants, basketball shorts, yoga pants, or just about any outfit you want to wear them with. These are becoming very popular, and a great choice to have along side your main holster.

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We The People Belly Band Holster
Save 15% Code: CCS15
  • Universal fit with most pistols
  • 2 Removable magazine pouches
  • Removable zipper pocket for everyday carry items
  • Integrated cell phone pocket
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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Use our code CCS15 to SAVE 15% at We The People Holsters

We The People holsters are one of the most reliable, durable, and comfortable holsters out there. These are holsters that you can depend on to stand up to everyday use for a long period of time. Many armed forces and police departments use these holsters, so it is evident that they stand up in all kinds of conditions and situations.

When you first get the holster be sure to test it out by wearing it a few times and check to see that your firearm fits in it appropriately. If you find that your We The People holster is not holding up to its expected use, there is a lifetime guarantee. The nice thing about that is We The People is located right here in America, so it will be easy to return and talk to someone.

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