Concealed Carry Insurance Compared

We compared the Price, Coverage, and Perks of the major concealed carry insurance companies. Find one that works for you!

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Kydex vs Leather vs Hybrid Holster Materials Compared

Kydex vs Leather vs Hybrid: Holster Materials Compared

Whether you are an experienced firearm enthusiast or a beginner exploring concealed carry, the choice of the right holster for your gun is crucial. Kydex, leather, and hybrid holsters dominate the market, each with its unique features and advantages. In this blog post, we will explore these three popular holster materials, comparing their strengths and…

Concealed Carry in Summer

Concealed Carry in the Summer

Concealed carry in the summer is not just about swapping your regular jeans for shorts or trading your winter coat for a light shirt. There’s a lot more to consider. Unlike the colder months, where layers of clothing make it easier to hide your firearm, summer presents a different challenge. Lightweight clothing and fewer layers…

Best Leather Holsters

Best Leather Holsters

When looking for the best leather holsters on the market, you will find you run into kydex almost everywhere you look. While kydex is popular for good reason, classic leather holsters are also a great option for concealed carry if you know what to look for to make it effective. A quality leather holster, or…