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When I began my concealed carry journey I was lost.  I remember stumbling through many gun websites and YouTube videos trying to figure out the steps to become a successful concealed carrier.  While the info was out there, it was spread across many different websites, forums, and videos that didn’t focus on the topic of concealed carry.

I created Concealed Carry Society to bring all the info into one place and help new concealed carriers to be on the right path.  I also want to make sure that once you are on that path, or even if you have been carrying for years, that you have the information needed to make informed concealed carry choices.

Who We Are

Corey Rawlins
Corey Rawlins

Corey is a husband and father of three who became interested in concealed carry to help protect himself, his family, and his community.  In today’s world, this can be a tall task. He has spent much of his time gathering information from experienced trainers, online sources, and real world experience.

Unlike many others in this field, Corey is not former special forces, military, or even law enforcement. He is just a normal guy who brings a practical, rather than tactical, perspective to concealed carry. 

His goal is to provide articles and reviews that are practical and useful. He wants the everyday person, man or woman, to have a source to turn to if they need information about their everyday concealed carry needs.

Jen Rawlins

Jen brings her twenty years of education background to the team to help introduce concealed carry content in a more readable format. She runs video and photography for both our website and YouTube channel. She also is the editor for all articles and videos produced by the Concealed Carry Society.

Her love for the 2nd amendment and passion for teaching bring a unique angle to the Concealed Carry Society, as well as providing a woman’s perspective to our articles and videos. 

What We Offer


We offer articles on everything from “The Rules of Gun Safety” to “The Concealed Carry Traffic Stop”.  Whether you are new to concealed carry, or have been carrying for years, you will find something that peaks your interest.


All of our reviews come from honest analysis and after careful consideration.  Providing you with both the Pros and the Cons helps give you the complete picture.


The internet is full of resources, which can make finding the information you are looking for difficult.  We strive to bring you the trusted resources that answer your concealed carry needs.

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