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Best Concealed Carry Insurance Compared (2020)

We compared the Price, Coverage, and Perks of 5 major concealed carry insurance companies. We looked at USCCA, US Law Shield, ACLDN, CCW Safe, and Second Call Defense. Find out the results and who we use for our coverage!

*Updated 10/16/2020

You can use your firearm for self-defense in a vast array of situations, but it will not protect you in court. The purpose of concealed carry insurance is to make sure that you are legally protected, as well as you are physically protected.

Finding the best concealed carry insurance company is important. However, finding one that works best for your needs can be difficult. Here we will compare the best options on the market and show you what they all have to offer.

Our Pick

uscca new logo

We chose USCCA for our concealed carry insurance needs. They offered the best balance of training, instruction, perks, and self-defense liability insurance at an affordable price. Many conceal carry insurance companies only do the bare minimum, but USCCA is more of a membership than just insurance coverage.

USCCA is a leader in the concealed carry community, and is truly concerned with both physical and legal protection.

Why We Chose Them

If you are just looking for the bare minimum of coverage and nothing else, then I would look elsewhere. However, USCCA offers a complete concealed carry membership package and community.

Here are a list of just some of the benefits that come with USCCA membership:


  • Concealed Carry Magazine subscription
  • Self-defense guides and checklists
  • Connection to certified firearms instructors
  • Expert-led, scenario-based training videos


  • Spouse membership discounts
  • Exclusive discounts on USCCA products
  • Up to 30% savings from industry partners
  • Reliable, around-the-clock service


  • 24/7/365 emergency assistance
  • Civil defense and damages protection
  • Up-front attorney retainer and bail bond
  • Protection for use of all legal weapons

If you want to learn more about our thoughts on USCCA, visit our complete review USCCA Concealed Carry Insurance Review!

Our Second Choice

unnamed 1 1

Our second choice for concealed carry insurance is U.S. Law Shield. It is a great company, with great coverage, for an affordable price. If you are not interested in all the training, perks, and community of USCCA, you may want to check them out as they offer great coverage at an affordable price.

U.S. Law Shield also has a growing number of training perks. While not quite as numerous as USCCA, they do offer a great price for a quality product!

Best Concealed Carry Insurance Companies

Here are the best concealed carry insurance companies currently offering legal protection in the United States.

  • United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)
  • US Law Shield
  • Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (ACLDN)
  • CCW Safe
  • Second Call Defense

All of the above are great choices for different needs. In order to find which one works best for you, lets discuss what to look for, and then break down each company and what they offer.

What To Look For

There are a decent amount of companies out there that sell some form of concealed carry insurance, but how do you know what is good and what is bad?

The important thing to understand about insurance companies is that they will all sound great because that is what the salesman wants you to think. You need to see a list of hard numbers and figures in order to know if they walk the walk as they say.

Make note of how much it costs versus how much coverage you are getting for both civil and criminal cases. If they only cover $50,000 in civil and $200,000 in criminal you should have some warning bells go off.

What You Get

The idea is to be completely taken care of in the event that you need to use your weapon defensively, and if they are not doing that then you might as well not have insurance at all.

Find an insurance company who has a lot of educational materials. That means that they want you to be ready in the off chance that you do need to go to court that it can be a quick and cheap as possible.

Education is a win-win scenario for a company that actually intends to payout on an insurance claim. If a company offers no education then they might not intend on paying out that often.

Price Comparison

Each of these companies has different levels of plans, but these are the cost of the base plans. It is really important to understand that not all plans are created equal, and coverage varies widely within each of these plans.

There is a lot more to consider here than just cost. There is value that comes with each of these plans. For example, Second Call defense actually offers an even cheaper plan, but the coverage is so low that it is just not even worth any thought.

Price Comparison Chart

Insurance Program

Set Up Fee

Base Plan Monthly Cost

Yearly Cost





U.S. Law Shield








CCW Safe




Second Call Defense




The idea with concealed carry insurance is to be confident that you have lawyers to back up your split second decisions in a dangerous situation. You really can't put a price on that confidence.

If you have to second guess what you are doing when you draw a firearm then it diminishes the point of carrying one in the first place.

Long story short, price isn't everything in the world of insurance. However, if you are on a budget, U.S. Law Shield does have the lowest prices and they do offer good coverage as you will see below.

Coverage Comparison

This chart shows the plans that are the lowest coverage that makes sense. You can get more expensive plans with more coverage in each of these companies, but it is up to you to decide if it is worth your time to increase the coverage.

Use this chart to find out what type of coverage you are looking for and then go to their website to select the best level of coverage for you.

Coverage Comparison Chart



U.S. Law Shield


CCW Safe

Second Call Defense

Criminal Defense


No Limit

No Limit

No Limit


Civil Defense


No Limit

No Limit

No Limit


Personal Hardship


No Coverage

No Coverage

No Coverage

$2,000 in Clean Up Fees

Psych Support


No Coverage

No Coverage

No Coverage

40 Sessions

Comp While In Court

$750 Daily

No Coverage

No Coverage

No Coverage

$500 Daily

Civil Damages

Included In Civil Defense Limit

No Coverage

No Coverage



Civil Defense Per Dollar


Full Coverage

Full Coverage

Full Coverage


Criminal Defense Per Dollar


Full Coverage

Full Coverage

Full Coverage


The last two boxes on this table are the ones I want you to focus on. That is the coverage you get divided by how much you are paying. 

Those listed at full coverage are companies that have no specific coverage cap, but chances are that they have a lot of “buts” in the contract. Meaning they might have a lot of fine print that will make it so that they don't have to pay a dime. 

There is a lot more to insurance than just coverage, so don’t take these numbers as the only thing that matters.

Company Breakdown

Here we will give you a breakdown of each company, what they are about, and what they offer. If you have further questions, feel free to click on the link and check them out!


BTP Bug RGB Black

This is our pick for the best self-defense liability insurance out there, and for a lot of reasons. They have a huge community of fellow gun owners and boast some of the best membership perks around.

Some insurance companies stiff you in certain areas. For example, some companies actually force you to use their lawyers, but USCCA lets you choose your own lawyers. There is a degree of trust inside this company that comes with their education system.

There is a lot of value in education and community, which is what is offered by USCCA. Sure you could pay for another type of insurance, but then you wouldn’t have a huge support group and tools that come with a USCCA membership.

USCCA Membership Plans

USCCA has 3 different plans for their members. Each of these plans has different benefits, but all offer the same great legal coverage that USCCA is known for providing.

Gold Membership 

($25 per month when paid annually)

The Gold plan is USCCA’s base plan, and it is a really great solution for many Americans that want to be covered well.

The Gold plan subscribes you to the concealed carry magazine, which puts out 8 issues per year, and then you also get access to the past years worth of issued magazines. These magazines cover what is new in the concealed carry world and have a lot of value.

This is the entry level of membership, but you still get 2 digital training courses, Level 1 online training and qualification programs, and great legal coverage from USCCA. If you decide to upgrade, you will get added bonuses. 

Platinum Membership

($34 per month when paid annually)

This is really a good step up from the gold package, and it only costs 9 dollars more a month. If you are somewhat invested in concealed carry, then this will take care of all your needs. A lot of people get this plan just because of the dang good coverage that comes with it, but you really are getting so much more.

This is the most popular plan USCCA offers. It comes with 6 training programs, plus by upgrading to this plan you also get a new training program every month starting in 2021! To some, this upgrade may be worth it alone...but there is more! You also get Level 2 online training and qualification programs, access to the "Ask an Attorney" video series, and 5 years of back issues of the popular Concealed Carry Magazine.

Like I said before, USCCA is a lot more than just insuranceThis package is the most popular as it covers you well financially, as well as adds great perks. I recommend getting this package for most of our readers!

Elite Membership

($42 per month when paid annually)

20201016 113353

This is what I carry. If you are looking to get the best coverage and perks on the market, then the Elite membership is for you. There is a lot more to this package than just legal coverage, and it is quite the lineup. This membership has everything that USCCA has to offer, so let's jump into what they have:

Elite members get access to every single magazine that has ever been sent out by USCCA via their app and website. If you are the type that loves to read, this is basically limitless reading material about concealed carry. Although going back years isn’t going to give you the most up to date information, there are lots of articles about how to handle yourself in dangerous situations as well as how to maintain and take care of your firearms.

There is a lot of education materials offered by USCCA in their Elite package. More than you will ever need really. If you are looking to educate yourself and others about firearm safety, then this is the way to do it. You are looking at 70+ digital guides and eBooks about concealed carry, as well as all of the things previously mentioned in the other packages.

So now that we have covered print media, lets talk about video. USCCA hosts a webinar called “Ask an Attorney” where you can ask an attorney some questions about the best practices associated with concealed carry. This is extremely useful if you intend on walking some lines with concealed carry. Although this webinar is accessible to their Platinum members, the complete archive is accessible by Elite members, which is very useful.

USCCA makes some of the best training videos out there, and every week they put out some weekly training drills to make you a better armed citizen. You also get access to their certified instructor network. The cherry on top with the elite membership is that you get the Level 3 online training and qualification programs. These are really great if you carry a weapon to save lives.


USCCA memberships offers great legal coverage, training, and so much more. If you are interested in learning and training, this company is a no brainer.

*The USCCA is not an insurance company. A policy has been issued to the USCCA by Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Company. That policy provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance, subject to its terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

Head over to USCCA to learn more:

 Visit USCCA

US Law Shield

399 2018020805

To start, US Law Shield is a great company, but their website seemed a little unclear. I wanted some specific quotes on how much coverage they offer in an actual dollar amount. To get some answers, I had to get in contact with their customer support and they told me this:

“We do not have any limits on our civil, criminal, and appeals legal representation for legal use of force situations. There is not a minimum or maximum amount of attorney representation offered.”

There you have it. US Law Shield has no specific limit to the coverage that they offer!

That is a great comfort to have when you are in a scary financial situation. Court cases can cost a lot more than people realize. Most of the time you won't really need any more than the insurance companies that do have limits, but in the off chance that you do it's nice to have that limitless money bucket to dip into.

US Law Shield also offers a lot of other perks with local gun shops and training facilities. They have a huge list of facilities/shops, but they are too few and far between to really matter, and each one is different.

US Law shield is pretty good, but they don't really have all the bells and whistles that USCCA offers...and that's ok. This is perfect for those who want good solid coverage!

If you are not interested in the USCCA membership, I highly recommend this one. U.S. Law Shield (also known as Texas Law Shield) is a great organization. They offer decent training and great coverage.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Highly vetted and screened attorneys
  • Start to finish representation
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Hotline to call as soon as a firearm incident takes place that will be answered by an attorney
  • Non-emergency attorney question line
  • Multi-state protection
  • No limits on attorney fees for all qualified covered events
  • Legal representation for both criminal and civil cases
  • Access to experts in the field
  • Expert Witnesses (additional add-on)
  • Bail funds (additional add-on)

Head over to U.S. Law Shield to learn more:

 Visit U.S. Law Shield


Untitled design 45

This is a little different from the standard insurance, but is a decent option if you are just looking to get taken care of.

Most conceal carry insurance companies are simple in that they write you a check for any legal expenses that you have while legally using a firearm in defense of person or property. This company is more of an expense share than an actual insurance company, which is why it is so cheap.

Most of the time, companies that offer no real limits on their coverage cost a pretty penny, but this is one company that is relatively cheap.

Although they are going to take care of you if you need to go to court, the fact is that they really don't have any other perks out there.

This group/network, or whatever you want to call it, is a different option than traditional concealed carry insurance. But that doesn’t mean it is a bad one. It is as if you are paying for a team of lawyers to be on retainer, and they will also cover some other costs like bail bond money.

Not much else to it. They will take care of you if you need it, but their coverage isn't as clean cut as most other options out there.

Head over to ACLDN to learn more:

 Visit ACLDN

CCW Safe

ccw safe insurance 1

CCW safe is an interesting company. They have some really great coverage for decent prices. They have great discounts for ex-military or ex-police force. They also require you to have a CCW permit to join their program.

The value that really comes with CCW safe is the fact that it also includes spouse and children in the plan if the weapon was used legally. Not many plans have that additional coverage for free, so that is a win.

The issue that I find with this company is that they do not cover you if you are defending yourself against someone that you initially invited into your home. For example, if you have somebody meets you for a deal off Craigslist in your home, and then you have the need to defend yourself, you are not covered in this plan. That seems like a massive gap in coverage.

They do have some training and other newsletter-based stuff that is pretty helpful, but nowhere near what I have seen with other options. If you are looking to save some money and cover the whole family, this is a good option.

If you look at the website for CCW safe, you will notice that they have some very specific claims to fame. For example, if you look at the comparison section of their website, they have some very biased information when comparing their product to others. They only choose companies that they know they can beat in every category and have really specific categories that are mostly outside the important questions that you should be asking about in terms of coverage.

They are a good service, but they seem to have a few ways of getting around paying out the money.

Head over to CCW Safe to learn more:

 Visit CCW Safe

Second Call Defense

Second Call Defense 1

Second call defense is a very affordable form of concealed carry insurance that has some good numbers associated with it.

They offer several plans, but in reality, their entry level plan is a complete joke. It does not cover you besides softening the initial financial blow, and then leaves you to drown in court expenses. I am pretty disappointed that second call even sells something like this, so we are going to talk about their full coverage plan.

For just 15 bucks a month you can have some amazing coverage, and adding a spouse is only an extra 5 dollars. They offer $500,000 in civil suite protection and 50,000 in criminal defense protection.

There are also a variety of extra cash handouts that are needed such as cash for a bond, immediate attorney retainer, aftermath cleanup, and even compensation when you are in court. Those payouts are the small expenses that add up on a family if they are not covered under the insurance.

They offer plenty of other features to their plans that are helpful to a person that has recently gone through a deadly defense situation.

Here are some examples pulled from their website:

Rapid Response Team

  • 24/7 Emergency Legal Hotline
  • Personal Crisis Manager
  • Nationwide Attorney Network Access
  • Local Attorney Referral within 24 hours
  • Emergency Contact Notification
  • Expert Witness Coordination
  • Gun Retrieval or Replacement
  • Psychological Support - 20 sessions
  • On-Site Assistance

Training & Education

  1. Member Newsletter
  2. Self Defense News
  3. Online Training

Each of these things help in the event of a defense case, some help right away and some help if you use them beforehand.

Long story short, this is a great company for insurance in terms of cost. In my opinion, you are selling yourself short if you do not have education materials accompanying your insurance.

Insurance companies know that if you are well educated with how to handle yourself and the police, they will have a lower chance of paying a lot of money out. If the coverage is bad, they don't worry about this stuff because they really don't have any skin in the game. Educational materials help everybody involved.

Head over to Second Call Defense to learn more:

 Visit Second Call Defense

NRA Carry Guard

Although popular in the past, as of July 2019 NRA Carry Guard is no longer in business.


uscca new logo

Our Top Pick

USCCA has earned our top spot by offering not only valuable coverage at a good price, but also offering additional perks that we find well worth the membership price!

The important thing to understand when looking for the best concealed carry insurance company is that they will all sound great because that is what the salesman wants you to think. You need to see a list of hard numbers and figures in order to know if they walk the walk as they say.
Before you decide on coverage for yourself remember these two things:

1. Cost Vs Coverage
Make note of how much it costs versus how much coverage you are getting for both civil and criminal cases. If they only cover $50,000 in civil and $200,000 in criminal you should have some warning bells go off.
The idea is to be completely taken care of in the event that you need to use your weapon defensively, and if they are not doing that then you might as well not have insurance at all.

2. Additional Perks
Find an insurance company who has a lot of educational materials. That means that they want you to be ready in the off chance that you do need to go to court that it can be a quick and cheap as possible.

Education is a win-win scenario for a company that actually intends to payout on an insurance claim. If a company offers no education then they might not intend on paying out that often.
And lets face it, statistically you won't ever need to use your coverage, so you might as well get some tangible value from your membership!

With these two things, you can't go wrong. Keep calm, and carry on!

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16 thoughts on “Best Concealed Carry Insurance Compared (2020)”

  1. Greetings!
    Are there any companies that sell CCW insurance to NY? My USCCA insurance was
    cancelled because of our idiot governor.

    1. Unfortunately legal protection for firearms is not permitted there. The laws would need to change. I feel for you though.

  2. I hear that that there is as many as 70 million gun owners in America. Yet from what I gathered only about 1 million carry insurance. Maybe it’s time for these outfits to advertise.I Will soon be signing up for USCCA They tell me that they have 300-350 thousand members. That’s not a lot to me and I too feel they are the best deal. I am unable to get stats on how many belong to the top 5 you mentioned. By the way. Great article,you conviced me on USCCA. Thanks.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by “Maybe it’s time for these outfits to advertise.” I get emails from USCCA at least weekly (through mail lists to which I have subscribed, so they’re not spamming me) and their commercials are on talk radio shows every day (the Sean Hannity show for sure.) I think the reason for the low subscriber base is human nature. Between an unwillingness to spend the money up front to a belief that they’ll never find themselves in a situation where they need the protection, people just don’t bother to get themselves protected from such a situation.

  3. Gregory M Paielli

    I know you said NRA Carry Guard are out of business since July 2019 but for some reason my policy was renewed by Lockton/ Chubb in October 2019. It says on my policy NRA Carry Guard Master policy. Just a bit confused. Hope I did not get taken. I am calling tomorrow and asking for a copy of my deck page. If you can shed any light that would be great. I think I will be changing to USCCA when policy expires if I even have a policy. Thanks

  4. Is being a law enforcement officer (off duty) something that would cause an issue? I saw U.S LawShield has a specific program for law enforcement on and off duty. However, their program is only for Florida and Texas. I reside in Ohio. I’m most concerned with an off duty situation.

  5. Robert Waggoner

    Great article Corey. I noticed that the coverage chart has the coverage for criminal/civil reversed. Otherwise thanks for the info!

  6. Your table shows USCCA at $2MM for criminal defense and $250k for civil defense, but those numbers do not match the descriptions in the Gold (etc) packages below and I think you have the civil/criminal numbers reversed in the table.

  7. Also, US Law Shield correctly told you they will cover “legal” use of force, but if the DA charges you for what you believe to be self defense, they will consider those charges against you as evidence that your use of force was not legal and deny coverage. There is a pending class action lawsuit in Texas over this. You should look into this and note it in your report.

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