25 Gift Ideas For Gun Lovers

25 Gift Ideas For Gun Lovers

The joke in the gun community is “I’m not hard to shop for…you know where the gun store is!”. While this is funny, and true, sometimes we are looking for ideas that are not necessarily firearms themselves.

Below is a list of gift ideas for gun lovers. While not every item on the list may suit your loved one, I’m sure you will find more than one present that will put a smile on their face.

If you don’t find what you are looking for below, make sure that you check out our recommended gear page. There you will find all kinds of items a gun lover would enjoy.

$1 – $25

Ammo Can

Ammo Can

Not only can you keep your ammo safe and dry in these due to the rubber gaskets, but you can use them for about anything. I have tons of these around. I keep a cleaning kit on one, spare gun parts in another, the list goes on and on. I could never have too many of these.

View at Amazon:Ammo Can

2nd Amendment Sign

2nd Amendment Sign

I don’t know to many gun owners who would be against receiving this as a gift. An inexpensive gift that allows your loved one to express their beliefs and add a touch of themselves to their gun room or home office.

View at Amazon:2nd Amendment Flag Tin

The Gun Tool

The Gun Tool

This multipurpose gun tool can work on many different types of firearms. It is perfect for any range bag, tool bench, or even just to carry in your pocket.

It contains the following:

  • 18 of the Most Frequently Used Tools for Rifles & Shotguns
  • 421 Stainless Steel Frame with Grip coated Side Plates
  • Gun Punch, Choke Tube Wrench .410-10ga., 3 Torx Wrenches T20,T15,T10, Allen Wrenches 3/32″, 5/32″,
  • Magnetic Hex Driver Storage bay holds PH00, PH1, 1/8″, 3’16” Flat Driver 420 Stainless Claw-Point Knife

View at Amazon: The Gun Tool

Breakthrough Battle Rope

Breakthrough Clean Technologies Battle Rope

I LOVE this bore snake. It makes cleaning so much easier for me. While I have never really loved cleaning my guns, this cuts the time I need to spend doing it in half.

The design of this bore snake is perfect for only needing 2-3 passes and you are good to go. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift idea…you can’t go wrong with this!

View at Amazon:Breakthrough Battle Rope

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Does he/she Drink coffee and like guns? Then get them something that combines their love of both. There are all kinds of options here as well…just find the one that fits them best.

View at Amazon:Gun Coffee Mug

Ammo Shot Glass Set

Shot Glass

These are awesome! These come in both 2 and 4 packs…as well as 50cal, Revolver, or Shotgun Shells. The amount of conversation starters that these things can bring are worth their very low price.

View at Amazon:Ammo Shot Glass Set

Trauma Pak

Trauma Pak

Here is a great gift idea. You can never have too many medical supplies. These are great to keep in your truck, office, garage, and just about anywhere. I love mine, and it is very easy to store due to the small compact size. You can also pair one with a tourniquet as well. 

View at Amazon:Trauma Pak

Gun Maintenance Mat

Cleaning Mat

This mat may be inexpensive, but could save someone money in the long run. With the divided sections of the mat, it helps prevent small parts from rolling onto the floor or into the abyss. We all have lost small parts will working on something. Help save someone the trouble. This mat also has handy tabs that allow the mat to be hung aside when not in use.

View at Amazon:Gun Maintenance Mat

Audible Membership


While you can get a FREE 30 trial membership…you can also upgrade them to a Gold membership and get great savings. There are all kinds of books that I listen to on audible…from books on concealed carry, books on home security, even great fiction books on survival.

Audible is great to listen to while exercising, cooking, or just about anything. There is usually some sort of deal going on as well, as of the date of this article you get two FREE audio books with the FREE trial.

View at Amazon:Audible Membership

$25 – $75

Streamlight Flashlight

Streamlight Flashlight

I carry this flashlight with me every day. It is by far my favorite, especially for the price. Not only is it durable, bright, and portable…but it is affordable.

You can also upgrade it W/ USB Rechargeable 18650 Batteries. This battery can be directly plugged into a USB charger and you will save a ton on batteries. 

View at Amazon: Streamlight Flashlight

Kershaw Blur Knife

Kershaw Blur Knife

This knife is very popular for a reason. It is not only stylish, but very functional. This is another staple item that I carry every day.

This knife has SpeedSafe Assisted Opening that makes for easy, safe and ambidextrous one-handed opening. If your loved one carries a firearm, there is a good chance that they also like to carry a knife.

View at Amazon: Kershaw Blur Knife

Universal Rear Sight Tool

Universal Rear Sight Tool

I have used this on my Glocks every time I change sights. It makes it fast and easy. This tool is made extremely sturdy and has attachments to fit most guns. It also comes with a pretty nice case to store it inside as well.

View at Amazon: Universal Rear Sight Tool

Walkers Hearing Protection

Walkers Hearing Protection

This high quality electronic hearing protection will make shooting much more fun. Being able to clearly hear what others around you are saying while still protecting your ears is very important. Buy a set of these for all your shooting partners…they will love them!

View at Amazon: Walkers Hearing Protection

Gun Cleaning Kit

Gun Cleaning Kit

Not sure what kind of cleaning kit to get? Get this kit and cover your bases. This includes M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner and M-Pro 7 Gun Oil as well as bore snakes and brush that will work on about any gun they have.

View at Amazon: Gun Cleaning Kit

Osage River Range Bag

Osage River Tactical Range Bag

If your loved one doesn’t have a range bag, then this is the perfect gift. Being able to store all of your items in one place with easy transportation is extremely helpful. If this bag is not for you, then make sure to check out another option in our article “The 10 Best Range Bags“.

View at Amazon:Osage River Range Bag

Valkri Juno Concealed Carry Purse

Valkri Juno Concealed Carry Purse

Not all gun lovers are men. Women love the finer things in life too. So why not treat her to a nice purse that was made to carry a firearm instead of her current purse. This purse is theft resistant with a locking gun compartment.

View at Amazon:Valkri Juno Concealed Carry Purse

Vaultek Pistol Rack

Pistol Rack

I had been looking for a quality pistol rack for my safe for a while. Then I saw that these came out. Made by Vaultek, so you know that it is quality. Make sure you grab the magazine rack that matches it as well. 

Some features include:

  • NEW! Twin Pistol Rack is designed for UNIVERSAL gun safe storage and placement and comes with double-sided tape to securely mount to any flat surface.
  • NON-REACTIVE FOAM HOLSTER will not react with lubricants or absorb moisture to preserve firearm conditioning.
  • FLEXIBLE FIT conforms to a variety of handguns including full size pistols, revolvers, and concealed carry.
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN stores (2) pistols in an upright position for convenient access.

View at Amazon: Vaultek Pistol Rack

$75 And Up

MantisX Performance System


This training system has been recommended by many gun enthusiasts on YouTube, Podcasts, and elsewhere. 

It contains the following:

  • Shoot better with real-time, data-driven feedback
  • Attach to any pistol or rifle with a rail or rail adapter
  • Designed for live fire AND dry fire on your firearm
  • Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time
  • Free app provides real-time feedback on shooting mechanics (iOS, Android)

View at Amazon: MantisX System

Personalized Firearm Name Art

Name Art

Turn firearm images into your loved ones name. This is a must have for any gun owners home office or gun room. This comes in three different sizes as well as framed or unframed.

View at Amazon:Firearm Name Art

Vaultek Gun Safe

Bedside Gun Safe

This would make a great gift to an individual or a family. Vaultek is one of the most trusted names in portable gun safes. Not only will this safe keep your firearm out of unwanted hands, but it will allow you to retrieve it almost instantly whenever needed.

View at Amazon: Vaultek Gun Safe

Leatherman MUT

Leatherman MUT

Leatherman tools are commonly used by many. However, not too many people know that Leatherman makes a tool specifically for firearms lovers. This list of features is too long to list all of them here, so you will have to follow the link below to see what all this little tool can do.

View at Amazon: Leatherman MUT

Vertx Gamut 2.0 Concealed Carry Backpack

Vertx Gamut 2.0 Backpack

This bag can be found heading off our “Best Concealed Carry Backpacks” article. It is a top of the line backpack that was made to carry a handgun…or even a small AR pistol. This also has the option to add bulletproof protection to add to its gun friendly status. My favorite bag hands down.

View at Amazon: Vertx Gamut 2.0 Backpack

USCCA Membership


If you are a gun owner, the USCCA membership is for you. It provides both Self Defense Insurance as well as member benefits. These benefits include access to all kinds of training as wall as the Concealed Carry Magazine. If you get a membership for yourself, your spouse can be added at a very low additional cost.

To see more about USCCA you can check out my article on Concealed Carry Insurance. Or you can click the link below to visit USCCA.

Visit USCCA:USCCA Membership



All gun owners know you can never have too much ammo. My friends at Brownells offer most brands and at low prices. You can usually find a discount code on their home page for FREE shipping and other discounts.

They are located in my home state of Iowa and have been servicing gun owners since 1939. I have used both their brick and mortar store as well as shopped online with them. Nothing but good experiences.

If you want to learn more about which ammo to choose, be sure to visit our article Best Self Defense Ammo.

Visit Brownells:See Current Brownells Deals


Hopefully you found something here that will be the perfect gift for your 2nd amendment loving friends and family. If not, remember to check out our Recommended Gear page.

One thing that we didn’t mention on the list is training classes. This is also a great opportunity for you and your loved one to get together and spend some quality time. Check your local range for some training classes that are available.  

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