Mantis X10 Elite Review

Mantis X10 Elite Review

If you are looking for a way to improve your shooting accuracy without having to go to a range or waste ammunition, the Mantis X10 Elite is an efficient way to do just that. This device attaches to any firearm, connects to a phone, and collects data for areas of improvement.

In this review we will further discuss the details of the Mantis X10 Elite so you can evaluate if it is right for you. 

Top Pick For Training

Mantis X10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

  • Improve accuracy
  • Save thousands of dollars on ammo
  • Used by all branches of the Armed Forces
  • Highly recommended by professional instructors
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What Is Mantis X10 Elite

The Mantis X10 Elite is a smart sensor that can be attached to any firearm to improve shooting accuracy and help master critical fundamental skills. It is a dry or live fire trainer and is highly recommended by professional firearm instructors. This device connects to your phone and collects thousands of data points per second.

This data-driven device analyzes every shot and generates data you can use to improve your shot. When identifying a problem area in your shooting, the device will provide coaching tips that you can put into practice right away. You essentially coach yourself. The data that is provided includes accuracy of a shot and the movement and stability during your hold and aim.

Instant feedback is provided through the Mantis X10 Elite which allows you to make changes quickly to your shot. You can also look back at all your sessions and see if there is improvement being made. There is an option to join shooting groups where you can help each other train.

The Mantis X10 Elite training system is the best option to train at home. Use it any time you want, anywhere you want, and save a ton of money by avoiding high priced ammo!

– Concealed Carry Society

How Does Mantis X10 Elite Help Improve Shooting?

Since the Mantis X10 Elite is an upgraded version of the Mantis X2 and Mantis X3, you get many features that help improve your shooting. All the shooting features in the Mantis X2 and Mantis X3 are included in the Mantis X10 Elite. There are also features that are only found in the Mantis X10 Elite as well. We will discuss three of the key features of the Mantis X10 Elite below. 

Recoil Analysis

Mantis X10 Elite is the first device to give you data accurately and reliably on your gun’s recoil and your response to that recoil. This analysis becomes available when you connect your Mantis X10 app to the Mantis X10 sensor. You then need to launch the “RecoilMeter” drill. It measures muzzle rise, recovery time, recoil angle, and recoil width.

Holster Draw Analysis

The holster draw analysis provides you with a detailed analysis about each draw in two diagnostic screens. It breaks down your holster draw to identify inconsistent or slow phases. It also traces holster draws by assessing the path of the draw, the consistency of your draws, and highlight any variance or wobble in your draw.

Software Support

The software support can be used for a pistol, rifle, shotgun, and archery. As a beginner shooter, this system will give you coaching tips and instant visual feedback that will help you master your trigger control. If you are a more advanced shooter, it will help you hone your trigger control so it’s perfect every time. This allows you to improve your speed and transitions. 

Along with these three key features, there are many other features that help you become a better shooter. That is why Mantis X10 Elite is the best system to give you the right practice.

What Do You Get With The Mantis X10 Elite?

The Mantis X10 Elite provides a shooter with everything they need to become a better shot. In this section we will discuss the equipment and tools that are included with the system.

Equipment Provided

When you receive the Mantis X10 Elite system, it comes with some very important equipment. The system should include:

  • One Mantis X10 Elite sensor
  • A BR7 Barrel Mount Picatinny Rail for use with rifles and shotguns
  • A universal MagRail adapter for pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery
  • A USB charging cable to charge the sensor
  • A Mantis X10 case and foam insert
  • A “Quick Start” instruction card

Along with the above, you also receive access to the Mantis X10 Elite App. This app will allow you to use your sensor to train and track your progress. We discuss this app below.

How Do You Use The Mantis X10 Elite App

The App can be installed on any smartphone and paired with the device through Bluetooth. After they have been paired, the feedback will display on your phone. You will receive feedback on the direction and magnitude of the gun, shot-by-shot analysis, and detailed tracing.

There are several tools provided by the Mantis X10 Elite App to the user. Below we will discuss some of the tools that will help you improve your shooting. 

Mantis X10 Elite Settings Pages

Mantis X10 Elite Settings

Informative Charts

There are charts provided by the Mantis X10 Elite that provide the user with information to improve their shot. These charts give the user immediate feedback to help improve shooting habits. Below we discuss each chart and what information is provided to the shooter.

Spider Chart

The spider chart maps the trigger movement of each shot onto a chart to identify patterns in your shooting. The Mantis X10 Elite recommends what might be causing movement during the trigger press. For example, it will tell you that you are “breaking your wrist down” or “pushing forward”. With this information, you can correct the behavior through more practice.

Movement Chart

The movement chart shows how much movement is happening during the hold and trigger press. The goal is to minimize the movement of the firearm for consistent accuracy. If you tend to shoot left, the left sector will light up. After a few shots, the training device shows the pattern of your movement.

Trace View

The trace view shows a detailed trace of the movement of your firearm. The Mantis X10 Elite uses three different colors to chart the movement. Blue measures the movement while holding on target. Yellow is the movement during trigger press. Red shows the recoil of the firearm.

Shot Diagnosis

The system assigns you a score between 0 and 100 based on your shooting. Anything below a 90 will give the shooter a diagnosis of the problem. A quick click gives you a second screen with a more detailed explanation.

Based on the score, the App will give you some coaching to improve your score. For example, it may say “not enough trigger” or “too much trigger” which will allow you to make changes in that area to get a higher score.

Practice Drills

Many practice drills are included with the Mantis X10 Elite. These drills improve speed, accuracy, trigger control, sight alignment, and much more. After participating in these drills, you are provided instant feedback to evaluate your shooting abilities.

When you go to the training section of the app, there is a benchmark drill to determine your baseline shooting ability. Then you can choose from a variety of timed and untimed drills. It will then give you a score between 0 and 100. 

Mantis X10 Elite Drills and Courses

Mantis X10 Elite Drills & Courses

Other Features

Some additional features of the app are:

  • Many training Modes and Courses: from beginning to advanced proficiency
  • Group training: train with others
  • Shot timer: time your shot
  • Audio feedback: tells you things to remember like “keep your eyes focused”
  • Customized training settings: choose the training you want 
  • Full history charts: record of your improvement

Other Options From Mantis

Even though the Mantis X10 Elite is the best option for this kind of product, there are two other options that are more budget friendly. They are the Mantis X2 and X3. Each of these products are earlier versions of the Mantis and come with less features than the Mantis X10.

Mantis X2 

The Mantis X2 is for dry fire use only and can be attached to both handguns and rifles. This system provides the user with a trigger control analysis and shot-by-shot feedback. There is also coaching tips provided based on your shooting proficiency. It hooks up to any phone to give you the feedback. 

It is more affordable than the Mantis X10 Elite. The price is around $99, but doesn’t have much of the options provided to you by the Mantis X10 Elite. If you are looking for a basic Mantis or one that is more budget friendly, then the X2 may be for you.

Mantis X3

The Mantis X3 can be used for both dry fire and live fire. It is very similar to the Mantis X2, it just has been updated to include a few more upgrades. One of those upgrades is the more engaging practice modes for the user. 

It is also more affordable than the Mantis X10 Elite. The price is around $169 and again doesn’t include much of the options that are included in the Mantis X10 Elite. If you don’t want to spend the extra money on the Mantis X10 Elite, but have a few more features than the Mantis X2, then this one might be for you. 


Top Pick For Training
Mantis X10 Elite - Shooting Performance System
  • Improve accuracy
  • Save thousands of dollars on ammo
  • Used by all branches of the Armed Forces
  • Highly recommended by professional instructors
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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Mantis X10 Elite has a lot features that will improve your shooting abilities quickly if used on a regular basis. With all the feedback and analysis provided to the user, it is easy to make corrections to your shooting. It is a little more in price than the other two systems, but all the upgrades are worth it.

If you are wanting to practice your shooting without going to a range and using ammunition all the time, then the Mantis X10 Elite is for you! While the price may feel a little steep, the money you save on ammo will make this training option very affordable!

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