Best Gun Belts

Best Gun Belts For Concealed Carry

Finding the best belt for concealed carry can seem difficult with all the options on the market. Knowing what to look for in a quality gun belt, as well as the top options available is a good start. In this article we will help you find the belt to suit your concealed carry needs.

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Do You Need A Gun Belt For Concealed Carry

If you are new to concealed carry, the significance of a gun belt cannot be overstated. It’s the unsung hero that keeps your pants from drooping, and your firearm securely in place. Beyond mere functionality, the right gun belt offers unmatched comfort and confidence as you go about your day.

A good concealed carry belt is not just about security; it’s about comfort too. Let’s break down why choosing the right belt is a game-changer for anyone committed to carrying concealed, streamlining your setup for peak performance and ease.

Best Concealed Carry Belts

Kore Essentials Tactical Gun Belt

Below is our list of the best concealed carry belts on the market. Each person has unique needs in their carry belt so we offer a wide variety of belt that we have personally had testing time with and would use for our own concealed carry set up.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on this list we included sections below to help you know what to look for when searching for a belt that will work for your needs.

1. Kore Essentials Gun Belts

KORE Tactical Gun Belt
  • Available in nylon and leather
  • Reinforced Power-Core center supports loads up-to 8 lbs
  • Hidden track with 40+ sizing points, to adjust ¼” at a time
  • 1.5" wide and One-Size to fit any waist from 24” up to 54". 
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This Kore Essentials belt is my go to EDC belt. I wear one almost every day. I have one in black, gray, tan, and leather. This is the best belt on the market in my opinion.

KORE Essentials gun belts are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, providing the perfect blend of style, comfort, and function. One of the standout features of these belts is their patented ‘Trakline’ technology, which allows for over 40+ micro size positions. This ensures a perfect fit every time, catering to the minutest changes in waist size, and offering unparalleled comfort.

The track system is incredibly intuitive and the adjustment process is as smooth as butter, avoiding the traditional hole system that can often restrict and inaccurately gauge comfort.

Not only are KORE gun belts highly functional, but they also boast an impressive aesthetic. The belts come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, including leather and tactical nylon options, ensuring there’s a KORE belt to match any outfit or occasion.

2. Crossbreed Executive Gun Belt

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Crossbreed Executive Gun Belt
  • Top grain leather that has been individually hand-oiled
  • Nylon core increases the support of the belt
  • Available in 1.25” and 1.5” widths
  • Leather Options: Black, Brown, Founder's
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The Crossbreed Executive Gun Belt exemplifies a striking fusion of sophistication and practicality. This isn’t your average belt; it’s a well-crafted accessory designed to deliver superior functionality without compromising style.

Manufactured with high-grade cowhide leather, this belt integrates a layer of robust woven nylon, establishing a remarkable balance of suppleness and sturdiness. It’s this unique amalgamation that facilitates the belt to endure the weight of a firearm, while maintaining its form and resisting sagging.

Yet, the Crossbreed Executive Gun Belt isn’t solely focused on utility. It exhibits an aesthetic appeal that’s hard to overlook. The polished leather finish, complemented by an elegant buckle available in Gloss Black or Matte Black, elevates its visual allure, making it a stylish asset to any outfit.

In essence, the Crossbreed Executive Gun Belt is a testament to the fusion of style and function. It disrupts the paradigm of the ordinary, demonstrating that a belt can be a statement piece, radiating both individual style and a commitment to quality.

If I still had to dress up for work, then I would buy this belt in a heartbeat. It is another home run by CrossBreed holsters. One of my favorite leather gun belts!

3. Relentless Tactical Ultimate Gun Belt

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Relentless Tactical Ultimate Gun Belt
  • Made in USA 100% Leather
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Won't sag while carrying firearm

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This belt comes in as the most affordable on the list. But don’t let the lower price fool you. It still meets all the requirements from the checklist from the beginning.

The Relentless Tactical Ultimate Gun Belt offers a unique combination of durability and style. This belt is made from high-quality full-grain leather and is designed to give plenty of support for both your firearm and its accessories, while also maintaining rigidity and flexibility. This means it’s able to stand up to the demands of daily wear, without warping or sagging.

However, there’s more to this belt than just strength and support. It also boasts a classic design and rich leather texture, adding a stylish touch to any outfit. It’s a versatile accessory that can fit in with various styles and occasions.

In essence, the Relentless Tactical Ultimate Gun Belt showcases how a belt can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It blends strength, functionality, and elegance, making it an interesting option for those who value both utility and style in their accessories.

4. Falcon Buckless Gun Belt

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Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt
Save 15% Code: CCS15
  • 1.5" belt width to fit traditional pant loops
  • Exclusive, buckleless belt design for maximum versatility and comfort
  • Comes with a magazine holder
  • Industrial strength low-profile hook & loop fastener
  • Easy to feed through belt loops
  • Metal-free construction
  • Adjustable size for a perfect fit
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The Falcon Buckless Gun Belt is a game-changer for anyone into concealed carry. Made with top-notch materials, it’s built tough to handle the daily grind and keep your firearm snug and secure.

What sets it apart is its buckle-less design – this means you get a sleek, smooth look that won’t show under your clothes, ditching the usual bulky belt look. Plus, it’s strong enough to carry your holster and gun without any sag, keeping everything right where it should be for quick access.

It’s also super adjustable, giving you that perfect fit for comfortable wear all day long. Whether you’re on the job or just want a reliable way to carry discreetly, the Falcon Buckless Gun Belt is all about practicality, comfort, and staying under the radar.

5. Bigfoot Original Gun Belts

Bigfoot Original Leather Gun Belt
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • High quality english bridle leather
  • Steel core
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While I don’t own a Bigfoot belt, I have had friends rave about their great customer service and fast delivery time.

You will get a great belt at an affordable price with Bigfoot. Be sure to check out all their options when you visit them. They offer regular, slim, dress, and steel core models of their belts. I would choose the steel core version myself.

For anyone that needs to dress up and carry a firearm, these are a great option. While the price may be higher than some, you do get a high quality leather gun belt that functions and looks great.

6. Independence Leather Gun Belt

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Independence Leather Gun Belt
Save 15% Code: CCS15
  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • 100% Premium full-grain leather
  • Reinforced w/ Heavy Duty Nylon Scuba
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Save 15% at We The People Holsters with Code: CCS15

The Independence Leather Gun Belt is the ultimate blend of style and function for the modern concealed carrier. Crafted from premium, full-grain leather, this belt isn’t just durable; it’s a statement piece that ages beautifully over time.

Designed with the needs of firearm enthusiasts in mind, it features a reinforced core that prevents sagging, ensuring your holster and firearm stay securely in place without compromising on comfort.

The sleek, classic buckle adds a touch of elegance while ensuring easy adjustability for a perfect fit. What sets the Independence apart is its attention to detail – from the meticulously stitched edges to the subtle, yet strong, hardware.

This belt is not just an accessory; it’s an essential tool for anyone serious about concealed carry, offering unmatched support and discretion. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or gearing up for a day at the range, the Independence Leather Gun Belt has got you covered.

7. We The People Belly Band

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We The People Belly Band Holster
Save 15% Code: CCS15
  • Universal fit with most pistols
  • 2 Removable magazine pouches
  • Removable zipper pocket for everyday carry items
  • Integrated cell phone pocket
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Save 15% at We The People Holsters with Code: CCS15

Switching gears from traditional belts, the We The People Belly Band offers a flexible and versatile alternative for concealed carry. This innovative solution wraps comfortably around your waist, providing a snug fit that moves with your body.

Made from a lightweight, breathable fabric, it ensures comfort throughout the day, even in warmer climates. The belly band is designed to accommodate a variety of firearms, ensuring that your weapon stays secure and accessible, no matter what you’re wearing. It’s a great option for those who prefer not to wear a belt or need a more adaptable carry method for different types of attire, from gym shorts to business suits.

The band also includes extra pockets for magazines and essentials, making it a practical choice for everyday carry. With its discreet design and adjustable fit, the We The People Belly Band is an excellent choice for anyone looking for flexibility and comfort in their concealed carry option.

Why a Gun Belt is Important for Concealed Carry

Why a Gun Belt is Important for Concealed Carry

Stability and Security

A gun belt is tailor-made to ensure your concealed firearm stays exactly where it’s supposed to be. Unlike regular belts, which might allow a holster to slip or sag, a gun belt’s rigidity keeps your holster and firearm securely in position. This stability is key not just for comfort but also for quick and safe access when needed.

Weight Distribution

Carrying a gun all day can be demanding. A gun belt excels in spreading out the weight of your firearm evenly, reducing the strain on your body. This leads to less discomfort and eliminates the need for constant adjustments, making it easier to carry your firearm throughout the day without hassle.

Improved Concealment

One of the main goals of concealed carry is discretion. A gun belt helps maintain a close fit of your firearm against your body, reducing the chances of “printing” or revealing the shape of your gun through your clothes. A well-chosen gun belt ensures your firearm remains unseen and unnoticed.


Concealed carry requires durable gear that can handle daily wear and tear. Gun belts are designed for longevity, crafted from materials that can support a firearm’s weight without losing shape or functionality over time.

Investing in a quality gun belt means investing in a reliable piece of your concealed carry setup for the long haul.

A gun belt isn’t just another accessory—it’s a fundamental part of your concealed carry gear. It combines stability, comfort, and discretion, ensuring that you can carry with confidence every day.

Types of Gun Belts

Types of Gun Belts

In the realm of concealed carry, the type of gun belt you choose plays a pivotal role in your comfort, security, and ease of access to your firearm. Understanding the different types of gun belts available will help you make an informed decision that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

Leather Gun Belts

Leather gun belts are a classic choice, renowned for their durability, style, and ability to age gracefully. They offer a traditional look that blends well with most attire, making them a popular choice for everyday carry.

Leather belts typically feature a stiff construction to support the weight of a firearm without sagging, ensuring both comfort and functionality. Brands like CrossBreed and We The People are known for their high-quality leather options that combine craftsmanship with practicality.

Nylon and Synthetic Gun Belts

For a more modern approach, nylon and synthetic gun belts offer lightweight, flexible, and often more affordable alternatives to leather. These belts are designed with durability and strength in mind, capable of supporting a firearm while resisting the elements.

Their tactical appearance makes them a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and those who prefer a more casual look. Nylon belts often come with adjustable features, allowing for a custom fit that can accommodate various holster sizes and positions.

Reinforced Gun Belts

Reinforced gun belts incorporate additional materials like Kydex or steel within the belt’s structure, offering extra rigidity and support. These belts are particularly suited for heavy-duty carry, ensuring that even larger firearms remain securely in place. The reinforcement helps distribute the weight evenly across the waist, minimizing discomfort and enhancing the belt’s overall performance.

Selecting The Right Gun Belt

Selecting the right gun belt is a critical decision that enhances the comfort, functionality, and effectiveness of your concealed carry setup. Here are key considerations to guide you through the process:

Measure Your Waist Correctly

The first step in selecting the right gun belt is to accurately measure your waist. Unlike regular belts, gun belts require a bit more precision due to the added weight of a firearm and holster.

Measure your waist at the point where your pants typically sit, and consider adding an inch or two to accommodate the holster and gun. This ensures a snug fit without being overly tight.

Consider the Material and Build Quality

Choose a material that aligns with your needs and lifestyle. Leather belts offer a classic look and durability, while nylon or synthetic belts provide flexibility and weather resistance.

For those carrying heavier firearms, a reinforced gun belt with a core of Kydex or steel can offer additional support. Pay attention to the belt’s thickness and rigidity—qualities that contribute to its ability to support your firearm securely.

Belt Width and Buckle Design

The width of the gun belt is another important factor. Most holsters are designed to fit belts that are 1.5 inches wide, which is considered the standard width for gun belts. However, some may prefer a slightly narrower or wider belt depending on personal preference and holster requirements.

The buckle design should not only complement your style but also offer ease of use and reliability. Look for buckles that are sturdy and can withstand the rigors of daily use without becoming a weak point.

Adjustability for Comfort and Fit

Adjustability is crucial for a gun belt, as it allows for minor modifications to ensure a perfect fit over different types of clothing or as your body changes. Some gun belts feature traditional holes with a fixed interval, while others offer a ratcheting mechanism or Velcro for fine-tuning the fit. Consider which system offers the best combination of comfort, ease of adjustment, and security for your carry style.

Style and Aesthetics

While functionality and comfort are paramount, the style of the gun belt should not be overlooked. Your belt should match your daily attire and not stand out if you aim for discreet carry. Leather belts tend to offer a more classic and versatile appearance, suitable for both casual and formal settings, while nylon belts may lean towards a more casual or tactical look.

Gun Belt Care and Maintenance

Gun Belt Care and Maintenance

Taking proper care of your gun belt is essential to maintain its functionality, appearance, and longevity. Whether you’ve chosen a leather, nylon, or synthetic belt, following a routine maintenance schedule will ensure it continues to perform at its best. Here’s how to care for and maintain your gun belt:

For Leather Gun Belts

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe your belt with a damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat. Avoid soaking leather in water as it can damage the material.
  • Conditioning: Apply a quality leather conditioner every few months to keep the leather supple and prevent it from drying out and cracking. This is particularly important in dry climates or if you frequently wear your belt in the sun.
  • Storage: When not in use, store your leather gun belt in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Hanging it on a belt hanger can prevent it from warping or losing its shape.

For Nylon and Synthetic Gun Belts

  • Cleaning: Nylon and synthetic belts can usually be cleaned with mild soap and water. For tougher stains, a soft-bristled brush can help remove dirt from the fabric’s weave.
  • Drying: After washing, allow the belt to air dry completely before wearing it again. Avoid using heat sources like hair dryers, as high heat can weaken the fibers.
  • Inspection: Regularly check for signs of fraying or wear, especially around the holes and buckle. Addressing these issues early can extend the life of your belt.

General Maintenance Tips

  • Buckle Care: Check the buckle for signs of rust or damage. Metal buckles can be wiped down with a dry cloth to remove debris and moisture. If your buckle is removable, taking it off during cleaning can prevent water damage.
  • Adjustments: If your belt has a ratcheting or Velcro adjustment system, ensure that it’s free of debris that could impede its function. A can of compressed air can help remove dust and lint from hard-to-reach places.
  • Regular Checks: Regardless of material, periodically inspect your belt for any signs of structural failure, including stretching, warping, or hardware issues. Catching problems early can prevent a failure at a critical moment.

Remember, a well-maintained gun belt is a reliable tool in your concealed carry setup. By following these care and maintenance guidelines, you can ensure that your belt will remain a sturdy, dependable part of your daily carry for years to come.


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One of the most common reasons for people to stop carrying their firearm is because it can get uncomfortable. Make it easy on yourself and get a good belt and holster. Every belt that I have listed here is a high quality carry belt, and I would be happy to carry with any of them.

A high-quality belt does more than just hold your firearm; it provides stability, security, and discretion, all of which are crucial for concealed carry practitioners. From my personal experience, investing in a durable, reliable concealed carry belt has made a significant difference in how I carry and how prepared I feel on a daily basis.

Stay safe, stay prepared, and never underestimate the importance of a good foundation for your concealed carry gear.

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