USCCA Review (2021)

In today's world, simply owning a gun for self-defense isn’t enough. Even being someone who considers his firearm knowledge to be well above average, I knew I could always become better prepared. While searching, I got a tip to look into a USCCA membership. Their members get lifesaving training, great educational resources, and to top it off…self-defense liability insurance*(often confused with concealed carry insurance). 

In this review I will cover who the USCCA is, what they offer, and why I chose to become a member myself. That being said, I am now a paid affiliate of the USCCA.

USCCA Review

While USCCA membership is not the cheapest on the market, it does offer the best value for your dollar. 
USCCA offers top of the line education, training, and community. Self-Defense legal coverage is also a great perk!
USCCA membership perks are unrivaled. Included is all sorts of discounts and exclusive offers. 


USCCA memberships offer a unique package of training, education, industry discounts, as well as many other perks. All USCCA members receive a well written Concealed Carry Magazine. These benefits alone make membership a tremendous value to all firearms owners.

Then, on top of all that, all members become insured on a self-defense liability insurance policy issued to the USCCA.

While the one negative I did find (too many emails) may be annoying to some, it has an easy fix. However, ignoring all of the emails may be a bad decision, as many contain quality training and education, as well as exclusive offers.

I don't only recommend USCCA, I am also a member myself. It was only after I had been a member that I decided to write this review, as I was extremely impressed with the organization.

  • Top of the line education
  • Expert training
  • Extensive video library
  • Self-Defense Liability Insurance
  • Email Advertising: You will receive many informational and sales emails!
Packages as low as $25 (per month) when paid annually 


Tim Schmidt - President and Founder

The United States Concealed Carry Association was founded by Tim Schmidt. It is an association of over 500,000 responsibly armed members who get self -defense education, training, and self-defense liability insurance* as benefits of USCCA membership.

The USCCA seeks to educate, train and save lives through the association and its membership benefits.

Why We Choose USCCA

Membership Card

As you can see, I have the Elite Level membership from USCCA. Not only does it provide great coverage, you end up saving the most money when you pay yearly for this plan…you save $84 per year!

Each USCCA membership plan offers a monthly option and a yearly option. However, the yearly option offers the most savings.


Joining USCCA gives you access to one of the largest libraries of concealed carry training videos, tons of education, membership perks, as well as self-defense liability insurance. To learn more about the self-defense liability insurance, click here.


Emails. They send so many emails following enrollment. Now don’t get me wrong, there is some great value (training, special offers, etc.) in many of their emails. However, there are a LOT of them. For many, this may be a turn off, but with today’s email features this can be easily fixed.

In the end, I found that they provide the best value for your money, while also giving you a great support system for your concealed carry needs.

USCCA Membership Package Prices

Below, are the levels of membership that USCCA offers. Each one steps up the coverage you receive, as well as adds a few perks. The Platinum package tends to be the most popular, while the Elite package (when paid yearly) offers the best deal.

Gold Membership: $25/month when paid annually

Platinum Membership: $34/month when paid annually

Elite Membership: $42/month when paid annually

All three levels of membership are great deals, however you save the most when you pay yearly.

As you can see below, each step up greatly increases your access to their lifesaving training resources.

USCCA Membership Levels

Membership Perks

Included in ALL Memberships:

  • Complete Subscription To Concealed Carry Magazine
  • Members-Only Deals And Discounts
  • Annual Expo (training classes, firearm exhibits, and assessor manufacturer’s products)
  • Training Programs (taught by qualified licensed trainers that go through rigorous training prior to teaching located all over the country)
  • Self-Defense Liability Insurance

One of the biggest surprises to me was the quality and length of the monthly Concealed Carry Magazine…this is a GREAT addition to the membership.

Extra selling points for me were:

  • 100% Up-Front Coverage (No Deductible. No Reimbursement.)
  • Covers Use Of All Legal Weapons
  • Firearm Theft Liability Coverage
  • Wage Compensation While In Court

  • Membership Highlights

    The following highlights stood out :

    • USCCA offers 100% legal fee coverage, where other companies only pay for legal fees if you are found not guilty. The overall reimbursement for total legal fees was lower, while USCCA appeared to have one of the highest compensation systems.
    • USCCA has attorneys available in all 50 states, where many companies only offer attorneys in the states they are incorporated in or have their principle place of business. Because laws vary from state to state, having access to attorneys in all 50 states allows for a greater amount of legal knowledge.
    • USCCA covers all legal weapons (knives, fists, firearms, etc.), however other companies only cover firearms.
    • If the altercation occurred in the home, the insured and the spouse can both be covered under the policy (small upgrade fee). Again, this is unique from the major policies currently available on the market.


    We Give USCCA 5 Stars!

    Armed with all the above information from my research (pun intended), I was happy to choose a USCCA for my concealed carry membership. It helps give me peace of mind knowing that I will have access to top of the line education, training, as well as self-defense liability insurance*.

    USCCA memberships offer diverse membership options, a history of promoting and protecting our firearms community, great perks (such as training, education, and discounts), and of course self-defense liability insurance.

    USCCA’s fees are affordable; at $34 a month for their Platinum plan, that is basically less than 2 boxes of hollow point ammo …and totally worth the peace of mind that comes with becoming a member of USCCA.

    If you want to see it compared to its competitors, I have to say I really don’t think they have any, but if you just want insurance and don’t care about being a prepared protector, check out our article Best Concealed Carry Insurance Compared!

    *The USCCA is not an insurance company. A policy has been issued to the USCCA. That policy provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance, subject to its terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

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    30 thoughts on “USCCA Review (2021)”

    1. could I possible get more in-depth info on this subject,excluding THE NRA(I have there info)…….thank you…..

    2. Good article, but I think you are mistaken about the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. You said they pay “up to $25,000 for a criminal attorney.” True, this money is paid right off the bat, but if you have a legitimate self defense claim, they will spend up to $750,000 to defend you.
      You also said that only USCCA pre-pays for legal defense fees (other companies wait for a “not guilty” verdict), and only USCCA covers weapons besides firearms. In fact, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network pre-pays legal fees and covers self defense situations besides firearms.
      I hope you would check out the ACLDN website for more info. It’s truly the best value for your money.

      1. Thanks Trevor! I’ll do some investigating and update the article later this week or next with what I found.

      1. Hey Michael…if one of you has a membership you can call USCCA at 800-674-9779 (or visit your USCCA membership dashboard) and get the spouse the same coverage for a small fraction of the price of a full membership.

        1. Why cant anyone just come out and say how much extra it costs to include a spouse. Im not going to give them a penny until i know. It seems like its some kind of big secret. This makes me think its a scam

          1. You can contact USCCA at 800-674-9779 and ask them. I know the price starts around $77/year and goes up based on the plan you choose. But they could give you more exact numbers.

          2. Brian Smithfield

            I know this is an old post but this is the 3rd article/person promoting this company. As a career insuramce agent, you need to request the actual policy/contract and not go off someone promoting the insurance carrier. One thing is for sure, this company spend is alot on advertising. They are the top on every search and I would guess those revie6winf are paying zero for their coverage or could be paid a few to write an article. So most are biased reviews. Just look at the reviews and comments.
            I should do a full analysis of each contract. Maybe this is the best but you have to do your homework as they are all more expensive than i would have thought.

      2. Recently, Washington State denied USCCA , as well as all other carry insurance companies the ability to offer their services. I think that’s wrong, the State government calls it a free ride for murderers. I’m a law abiding gun owner, and now have no idea where to turn for coverage for a just in case. Please help me.

        1. I’d just move. I wouldn’t live in a state that won’t allow me to cover my ass in case I had to defend and protect myself and family. A red state would allow it because they want you to have your constitutional rights in tact.

    3. Your case manager will also instruct you to have a check prepared for your bail in the event you end up being arrested after speaking with the police . What if you don’t have the money for bailout?

      1. Thanks for the comment. I will correct it to be more clear and say “Your case manager will give you instructions and prepare your bond”. One of the benefits of USCCA membership coverage is it is 100% upfront coverage.

    4. I have a question, what if you are traveling in another state (where your permit is honored), are you covered as well?

    5. I would like to see a conceled weapons insurance that did away with all the e mails magazines training films stories and the blah blah blah. i want ins. that covers me from beginning to end and all points in between.Just insurance,

    6. I am a concealed carry instructor and I am looking for liability insurance. If I am understanding your membership correctly it would only cover me personally. Do you have instructors insurance?

    7. Great article! I appreciate the time and research you out into it.
      I’ve had a CC for 2 yrs. now and just haven’t got around to getting insurance yet.
      I am retiring this summer and won’t be as restricted as to CC (school teacher and can’t even have a gun in the car), so I feel the need to get something soon.

    8. Gregory Paul Kitz

      I live in the wussy State Washington and us to belong but was dropped. Has that been corrected where we can rejoin?

    9. Awesome article, very informative and a great point to start your own research… as I’m a new CCW I will need a lot of guidance but I feel really confident on how and where to go for my insurance

    10. I have been emailed that my coverage will expire next month because of the WA Law passed making it illegal. I want to know if you have filed a lawsuit and if not, why not.
      I am going to contact a lawyer to find out if I can sure the state, maybe a class action. I also need to file freedom of information on every action taken in this discrimination against legal gun owners against the state of WA.

    11. Based on my research, USCCA & CCW Safe are at the top of the list. In fact, CCW Safe has no limits on up front criminal and civil defense funds. No cap on attorney retainer fees. Plus there’s a dedicated 1 million dollar civil damage liability coverage that can be added on to the Ultimate plan which is $100 less than USCCA’s Elite plan. So in terms of coverage, CCW Safe has the better plan.

      1. That is why I chose CCW Safe.

        One of the BIGGEST DIFFERENCES between plans is DO THEY COVER COSTS & EXPENSES (C&E)? This is a HUGE amount of money that most people could not afford. — so DO read the Terms & Conditions before signing. Plans either Exclude C&E completely (meaning you pay all C&E out-of-pocket as you go along), or they may Include C&E in with attorney fees UP TO your max limit (which means you have less money for attorney fees), or they may Cover C&E apart from attorney fees which is the best of both worlds. Which you choose could make a HUGE difference in your immediate out-of-pocket expenses.

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