Recommended Insurance

Below we have different options in which you can obtain your legal coverage as a gun owner. While our first option is not necessarily a concealed carry insurance company, they do offer all the legal coverage you would need.

We also have articles and reviews that cover all of your insurance needs as well. For a quick look at our top three companies, just scroll down…or to learn more visit our page Best Concealed Carry Insurance Compared.

Our Top Pick


Getting a membership to USCCA gets you much more than you expect. They pride themselves on being a full service stop for gun owners. They provide Life Saving Education, Industry Leading Training, and Self-Defense Liability Insurance.

Our Budget Pick

CCW Safe

CCW Safe is great for concealed carry license holders, law enforcement, and military. They have also recently added a plan that covers people without licenses in constitutional carry states.

Also Recommended

U.S. LawShield

U.S. LawShield is an inexpensive concealed carry insurance provider that allows you to tailor your plan to suit your needs. You get the basics with your plan, then you can add on the extras that you want.