What NOT to Do While Carrying

I’m sure you have read all kinds of articles on how to conceal carry.  You may have even read our “Guide to Concealed Carry”.  But what you may not have …

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How to Store Ammo

How to Store Ammo

When it comes to firearms, how to store ammo is not one of the sexy topics that comes to mind.  It is not as exciting as what gun to buy, …

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Concealed Carry Position

Concealed Carry Positions

Find The Concealed Carry Position That Is Best For YouChoosing the concealed carry position that is best for you is very important.  It could mean the difference between carrying every …

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Best Home Defense Weapon

Best Home Defense Weapon

One of the most common uses for a firearm is for defending your home against a potential threat.  However, what is the best home defense weapon, a shotgun, a rifle, …

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Best Concealed Carry Backpack 2

Best Concealed Carry Backpacks (2019)

Finding a concealed carry backpack can be tricky, finding the BEST concealed carry backpack can be nearly impossible. You want one that is comfortable, accessible, and doesn’t stand out and scream “I’m …

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Proper Pistol Shooting Technique

Proper Pistol Shooting Technique

Quick Navigation Shooting Technique1. Trigger Pull2. Shooting Stance3. Sight AlignmentShooting Sequence1. Grip2. Stance3. Sights4. Trigger Finger5. SqueezeConclusion Shooting TechniqueProper pistol shooting technique lays the foundation for safety, accuracy, and speed when firing a …

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