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Our First Look: Sig Sauer P365

In early January 2018, Sig Sauer introduced a revolutionary concealed carry pistol, the Sig P365 micro compact pistol.

The P365 holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm in a compact pistol just 1” thick.  It is the same size or smaller than all of its compact pistol competitors, nearly twice the capacity.

In this review, we will look at what makes the Sig Sauer P365 so special, as well as compare it to its closest competition, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0, and the Glock 43.

Sig Sauer P365

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What Makes The Sig Sauer P365 Special

Sig Sauer P365

The Sig Sauer P365 is the first of its kind.  The revolutionary design of the magazine, with its tapered appearance, allows it to hold 10 rounds of 9mm while still keeping the width of the gun to 1 inch, which is the industry standard for highly concealable firearms.  

This thin double stack magazine is something that nobody else has been able to achieve up until now.  Combine the larger capacity magazine with the fact that the P365 is smaller in dimension than all of its competition, and you have a special combination.  

The frame of the Sig P365 is smaller than the Glock 43 and Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0.  It’s also lighter than both of those pistols. And because of the double stacked magazine, it has a larger capacity of 9mm.

Sig Sauer P365 vs Smith & Wesson M&P Shield


The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield has been a resounding success since its introduction in 2012.  With the sterling reputation of S&W preceding it, the Shield has lived up to its expectations as a lightweight, reliable, Every Day Carry (EDC) gun.  Originally introduced in 9mm and .40 S&W, the Shield family has since introduced the Shield 45 and Shield .380.

In 2018, the entire M&P family got an upgrade when M2.0 was introduced.  The 2.0 upgrades include a more aggressive checkering on the grip and an upgraded trigger with audible and tactile reset. 

The grip checkering is a significant improvement from the original Shield grip, which was good but not great.  The new grip has a feel almost of sandpaper, tacky and very positive in your hand.  In fact, some could feel it’s too tacky, and has the possibility of getting caught on clothing during draw and holstering.  

The trigger is another great improvement to an already good component.  The new trigger is crisp and clean, with a significantly lighter pull than the original Shield trigger.

The Sig Sauer P365 is equal to or smaller in every dimension than the Shield 2.0.  The barrel length is the same at 3.1″, while overall length is smaller at 5.8″ to the Shields 6.1″.  The Sig weighs in at 17.8 oz unloaded, while the Shield tops that at 18.3 oz.  The P365 holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm, while the Shield 2.0 holds 7+1.

Both are quality, reliable, highly concealable 9mm pistols from reputable manufacturers.  Both are comfortable in the hand and in the holster. The major difference comes down to capacity, and that’s a major factor for most carriers.

Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43


The Glock 43 is the newest addition to the “Slimline” line of Glocks. It is designed specifically for personal defense.  

Compared to most Glocks, the 43 is very small.  It is nearly identical to its predecessor, the .380 caliber Glock 42.  The 42 and 43 are small enough to be comfortable carried comfortably in a pocket but are big enough to fit nicely in a hip holster as well.

While the G43 is small by Glock standards, it’s still larger than the Sig Sauer P365.  The G43 offers a barrel length of 3.39”, compared to 3.1” for the P365.  Overall length of the G43 is 6.26” and the P365 comes in at 5.8”.  For unloaded weight, the G43 registers 17.95oz, just slightly more than the 17.8 oz. of the P365. 

With its single stack magazine, the Glock 43 only manages 6+1 capacity, which is probably the largest complaint people have of the firearm.  The extra magazine included with the gun has an extended “pinky” grip but can’t manage to squeeze one more round into it. That is significantly less than the 10+1 capacity of the standard P365 magazine (12+1 extended magazine).

Fans of Glock are famously, almost notoriously supportive of their firearms. The G43 is unmistakably Glock in its feel and design. But the fact that they couldn’t squeeze more than six rounds into the gun is a disappointment and makes the Sig P365 a possible upgrade for those who carry the G43.

The Future

Sig Sauer hit a homerun with the release of the P365. Slimmer, lighter, and more compact than any of its competition, combined with a larger capacity make the P365 a true Every Day Carry firearm. Sig has a reputation as a reliable, quality firearms manufacturer, and the P365 seems to be the next installment in that line. A quick check of online firearm retailers confirms the fact that this gun is selling like hotcakes right now; it’s on back-order almost everywhere.

The success of the P365 is good news for concealed carriers.  It is possible that the increased competition will help breed new revolutionary designs.  Hopefully this is only the beginning of what is to come from gun manufacturers, and we see many more new designs as well as improvements on the great brands that we already love.

Be sure to read our article 21 Best Concealed Carry Guns in 9mm. In this article we cover more on the P365 and its competitors. 

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