Ares Gear Aegis Enhanced Belt

Ares Gear Aegis Enhanced Belt Review

Looking for a good gun belt? Find out what I discovered about Ares Gear’s Aegis Enhanced Belt. See what I liked, and what I didn’t like…and find out which belt I am going to be wearing in the future.

You may have seen this belt mentioned in our article Best Gun Belts For Concealed Carry where we list the top belts on the market. This belt is at the top of my list of some great belts! If you have not read that article, make sure to check it out, as well as the Best Concealed Carry Holsters article.

Ares Gear - Black Aegis ENHANCED 1.5" GEN2 Belt
  • Easy to adjust on the fly
  • Very durable
  • 100% made in the USA
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Ares Gear: Aegis Enhanced Belt Review

Summary:  Even with the higher end price, you definitely get your money’s worth. After testing this belt I have not went back to my old one, I love it. The easy adjustment slide makes it great when going between larger and smaller firearms. Also, if you eat too much at dinner, it’s easy to just let a little out.


  • Top of the line quality
  • Fast and Easy to Adjust 
  • Don’t have to settle for being between sizes


  • The price is on the higher side of concealed carry belts

How Good Is The Aegis Belt

Ares Gear Belt

I am never going back to my old belts. Sure, I may find more that I can add to my carry rotation, but this belt is by far better than all of my past belts.

The buckle has a slide adjustment that is just flat out amazing. I love being able to let a little out, or take up a little as needed and on the fly.

Usually with a slide style belt, at least in my past experience, you get too much “sliding” and it becomes loose when not needed. That is NOT the case with this belt.

Buy this belt…you will thank me later!

What You Get With The Belt

  1. The Basics: You get the belt (with the buckle already attached) and an elastic strap to secure the excess length. Mine came with an extra strap in case I lose the other, and I have heard that some have come with 2 extra straps. It’s a belt, not much else is needed.
  2. No Saggy Pants: If you have never had a true concealed carry belt, this will blow you away. Your holster will stay where you put it. No sagging! The comfort that comes with a quality gun belt makes you more apt to carry every day, and that should be the goal.
  3. Long Lasting Quality: While some belts need to be replaced every 6 months to a year due to heavy use with a firearm, this belt is sturdy and made from high quality materials.
  4. Versatility: While you may not be able to pull off a tux with this belt, you can certainly wear everything from shorts to dress slacks. The look is modern, yet minimalist…which is what I like.
  5. Quick Application: I have had other belts that have cobra buckles that take a while to put on. I can have this belt on in about 20 seconds.

What You Don’t Get With The Belt

  1. Low Cost: I know some people are always looking for the cheapest item to get by with, and this belt is NOT it. Mine came in at just under $100.
  2. Leather: Some guys just like leather gun belts. And while I like them too, I prefer scuba webbing belts as they tend to go with the clothes I wear more often.
  3. Printing: OK, I can’t guarantee you won’t print. But with this belt, you get a sturdiness that helps keep the firearm up against your body.
  4. A Tight Belt: I know I have said this before, but the ability to loosen this on the fly in seconds really makes me love this belt.

Know What You Are Getting

Below I talk about the Sizing and Pricing. Make sure you know what you are getting when you order your belt.

Sizing is different than just ordering your pant size. I have included a size chart below to make sure you order correctly and don’t need to wait for a return.

Also, there are two kinds of Aegis belts…regular and enhanced. Decide which you want before you order. The only difference is the enhanced is thicker and more sturdy, as well as slightly more money.

What Size Do You Need

Ares Gear sizing goes from X-Small up to 4XL! And as I stated before, you are never in between sizes due to the holes being spaced too far apart. Just easily adjust the slide with one hand.

Aegis Belt Buckle Back

According to the chart on their website, you should buy the following belt depending on your PANT size:

Aegis Belts

Pants SizeRecommended SizeWebbing Length

I, myself am sporting the tactical love handles…so I needed a 2XL. I do wear size 40 pants and mine fit me like a glove. So see the chart above and order by your pants size.

About The Price

I know the price is on the high end. I was hesitant to fork over that much money myself for just a gun belt. But this isn’t JUST a gun belt. It is THE gun belt.

I’m very happy I spent the money, and I don’t say that too often as I’m usually rather cheap.

I look at it this way…I might as well get it right with this purchase than spend hundreds of dollars on multiple gun belts that just don’t do the job. Its kind of like finding the perfect holster…once you found a good one it is worth it’s weight in gold.


Ares Gear - Black Aegis ENHANCED 1.5" GEN2 Belt
  • Easy to adjust on the fly
  • Very durable
  • 100% made in the USA
View Current Price
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you are looking for a great everyday gun belt that isn’t leather…this is the one to get. 

  1. Great Quality
  2. Great Function
  3. Great Comfort

With all the money I have spent on prior gun belts, I could have had this from the start. When I first started concealed carry I thought a sturdy Walmart belt would do the job…but I was a newbie back then and didn’t know any better.

Then I started my way through some of the other belts on the market that are on the cheap end, and many of those are now in storage and haven’t been worn in ages.

This belt will not be leaving my waist anytime soon. I just wish I would have bought it sooner!

Before You Go

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